Fine Folk Art Pen Work Hawthorn walking stick depicting famous bare knuckle fighter Paddy Gill, who killed two men in the ring. Circa 1800 in date. Old repaired break as shown.

In the naive style, with ivory knop, the shaft engraved and embellished with pen depicting boxer William Paddy Gill amongst birds and snakes, the knots decorated as lion, donkey and deer heads, below a spurious coat of arms, length 84.5cm.


Little is known about pugilist William 'Paddy' Gill. However, he is recorded as having been involved in two ring deaths, those of Tommy Davies, 25th May 1847, at Lyndrick Commons after being knocked out in the 64th round, and Tom Griffiths, 23rd July 1850, at Primley Green, after being knocked out in the 53rd round. According to one theory, during Gill's fight with Griffiths, a second doped the latter using nicotine. Gill was charged with manslaughter, but aquitted of the doping charges.



Fine Pen Work Hawthorn Walking Stick